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Leaderrship in Devil Wears Prada

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Kelly McCarthy

English II Academic

12/08/10 7th period

I am very pleased that we were assigned to read, the "Narrative on the Life of Fredrick Douglass," because I have certainly learned much more about slavery that I had before. Although Mr. Douglass' autobiography was depressing and dramatic in some areas, all the examples and details he included helped me grasp a better understanding of how cruel and inhuman slavery truly was. Personal stories have always helped me understand concepts better. When some people think of slavery, they think of a sad story; they think of some sick behavior that is over and done with. Likewise, I regarded slavery as just a sad story. However, when Mr. Douglass went into detail of how he was treated by his master helped me tremendously. His life story, gave me a different perspective on slavery. I learned that slavery was much more than a sad story. I knew that slavery had occurred; I just regarded it as a sad story. After reading Mr. Douglass' memoir, I saw slavery through new eyes. I realized that slavery was real, these people were really treated like animals, that many lives were taken due to slavery, and that Mr. Douglass was one of few who actually escaped slavery. I do not regularly enjoy reading memoirs that tell stories of being harshly treated, starved, and whipped; However, I have also been fond of knowing the truth. Thus, I am glad that I could read Mr. Douglass' memoir and really know what slavery was, and how Mr. Douglass' was affected by it. (263 words)



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