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Devil Wears Prada Case

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Essay Preview: Devil Wears Prada Case

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Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

Memorable quote: "Details of your incompetence do not interest me."

Leadership style and personality characteristics: Condescending and overly demanding, rumor has it Runway editor Miranda Priestly's character is based in reality. She is cool, calculating, and completely uninterested in anything but her version of perfection - often to the detriment of her staff's personal lives and well-being. Priestly's leadership style may stem from her insecurities.

Ways to improve: Priestly could be a great boss with some leadership development to draw out her strengths and soften her delivery. Reimagine the position with additional support and resources.

Not every bad boss starts off that way. Organizations can target good leadership candidates by implementing personality assessments early on and employing training and development to rein in off-kilter leaders. Read more about leadership training.

Importance of Leadership Style

Leadership style isn't the only factor that influences an employee's level of performance and job satisfaction, but it is an important one. And most managers aren't fully aware of how far-reaching that impact is, not only on the individual but the organizational climate as a whole. A leader's role in an organization can encompass many things. For example, some leaders may be expected to stir things up, create a culture change. Some organizations are looking for a leader to be inactive; others, proactive. These factors, combined with personnel types and group dynamics, call for different types of leaders. Which one are you?



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