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The Devils Wears Prada

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Essay Preview: The Devils Wears Prada

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Dalida Kimberly C.                                                 March 24, 2015
BM14104                                                         Tuesday/Friday-7:30am-9:00am

“The Devil Wears Prada”


Anne Hathaway – Andy Sachs
Meryl Streep – Miranda Priestly
Emily Blunt – Emily
Adrian Grenier – Nate
Stanley Tucci – Nigel
Simon Baker – Christian Thompson
Tracie Thoms – Lily
Rich Sommer – Doug


        Andy Sachs dreams to be a journalist in New York one day. While she is looking for a job Elias Clark a magazine publisher called her and told her about a job that they will offer to Andy.  Andy was surprised that her job will be the second assistant of Miranda Priestly. Miranda Priestly is the Editor in Chief of Runway Magazine a top-selling fashion magazine in the industry. Everybody knows that Miranda is a cruel boss, the first assistant Emily explains to her about the attitude of their boss. Andy’s sure that her position at Runway will get her one step closer to her dream of being a writer in New York so even though that she don’t like the job it’s still okay for her. Andrea informed her friends and her boyfriend Nate that her job is at Runaway. All of them got a bit stunned because knowing Andy has no fashion sense but they still supported Andy for her new job. The first days of her job she realized that being Miranda’s assistant is not that easy as what she expected. So, she ask advice from Nigel, Nigel did not just advise her but also changed the way she dressed. Miranda was impressed to Andy because she is trying to prove that she is worthy for the position. Andy’s job is turning out good but she’s getting a problem about her friends and boyfriend. They said that her commitment to her boss is more important rather than her friends and family. Despite of all her personal problems Andy still goes to Paris with her boss. Going to Paris helped her to make a decision about where she wants to be in her life. The glamour of working in the Runway Magazine or Being with her friends as a simple journalist. Andy choosed to stay with her friends and to get a job that she really really wants and that is being a journalist.

Lesson Learned:

        I learn in this movie that if you want to be worthy for the position you have to show your 100% best in everything you do. If you want something, do all the possible things to have it. Also you have to draw a line between your life and your work because the people outside your work will never understand so you have to make a time for both of them. Also in life, Complaining will never go you somewhere so if your boss asks you something do it now and don’t complain. The most important lesson is Do what makes you happy so if your job doesn’t make you happy and contented just quit because your passion for your job is very important.



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