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Lending a Helping Hand

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Lending a Helping Hand

Many people question whether immigration is helpful or not. There are always two sides to a situation. America welcomes newcomers while insisting that they learn and embrace its civic culture and political institutions, thereby form¬ing one nation from many peoples. With immigration throughout American on the up rise, this issue is highly debated upon. Immigrants are not only a vital part of American culture and society, but they are also important contributors to the United States economy.

Immigrants work hard and pay taxes too. In addition, they create new products, businesses, and technologies that lead to jobs for all Americans. One of the great strengths of America is its diversity. People have come from all over the world, bringing new perspectives, skills, social relationships, and solutions to life issues. As in ecological and genetic diversity, the more differences that exist, the more options people have for meeting life challenges. Surveys show that the vast majority of Americans believes immigration improves America with new ideas from different cultures. In my opinion, immigration is very necessary for American to move forward industrially, culturally, and financially. Without immigrants, American wouldn't have progressed to how it is now.

A lot of food crops in America are harvested by immigrants. Illegal immigrants contribute appreciably to the U.S. workforce construction, agriculture, maintenance and hospitality. They pick and process our food and build. They also clean our homes and offices. Most people are unaware of this and more so don't even care. I'm sure that most people wouldn't want to go out in the fields and pick vegetables when they could just go to the grocery store to get the same product. Also many name clothing and shoe companies like Nike or Polo have immigrants to help create their products. I am a big fan of Nike and have no problems with immigrants making my clothes and shoes. I say we do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Another way immigrants contribute to a better America is by doing jobs that no one else would like to do. Some immigrants are eager to work and don't mind to do jobs that require a lot of hard work and man power. Today we live in a society full of lazy Americans that would prefer working in an office building rather than out in the blazing hot sun all day. To tell the truth, I may be the same way unless it has to do with playing a snare drum outside. Even building houses and fixing roofs may seem like a hard tasked, but some immigrant can get the job done in no time. That statement is a compliment and is not intend to offend any immigrant at all.

One in every four doctors in the U.S. is foreign born. Contrary to a widely held view, not all immigrants have little education. About one in three immigrants is a person with either a US or foreign college degree. According to the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey, immigrants accounted for 15 percent of the entire US college-educated labor force in 2007. However, their numbers were much higher among workers in certain occupations: immigrants represent nearly 27 percent of physicians, more than 34 percent of computer software engineers, and over 42 percent of medical scientists. This says a lot about America's society today. Some of those doctors have discovered medicines to develop cures to different diseases. Worldwide well know companies like Intel Google, and eBay, just to names a few, were all co-founded by immigrants, many of whom arrived as children. Immigrants even helped to invent a quarter of the U.S. patent applicants in 2006. An ever greater aspect of immigrants in America is their high numbers in protecting our country. According to February 2008 data from the Department of Defense, more than 65,000 were serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. This represents approximately 5% of all active-duty personnel.

Immigrants have contributed



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