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Major Sporting Events

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'Hosting major sporting events create more problems than benefits.' Do you agree?

Many countries feel honored to be hosting major sporting events as it is considered very prestigious and at the same time, they are able to flaunt their countries for the world to see, which could bring benefits in the long run to their countries. The above statement assumes that hosting major sporting events brings more problems than benefits. I agree to a large extent that hosting major sporting events create more problems than benefits. In this essay, I will look at the different problems and benefits derived from hosting major sporting events, such as security threats and boosting of the tourism sector of economy, before concluding whether hosting major sporting events create more problems than benefits.

Hosting major sporting events can bring about more problems than benefits. One such problem would be security threats. As many athletes from all around the world come together and compete with one another, there is a high chance that terrorists would target the country to bring about harm to the athletes as they represent their own countries, especially to the athletes representing western countries. Terrorism had once happened during the Olympics in Munich in 1972. It is known as the Munich Massacre. Approximately 11 members of the Israeli Olympics team were taken hostage and killed by the Palestinian group, Black September. Ever since that incident, security threats are taken more seriously. Hosting major sporting events gives security threats to the countries; moreover, since more security measures are taken up, it adds to the cost of hosting major sporting events, thus it brings more problems than benefits.





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