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Making Lhs a Better Place

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Essay Preview: Making Lhs a Better Place

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Hephza Varghese

English Honors Prd 1


Making LHS a better place

Have you ever wanted a school that flourished with education or exceeded with students that

showed their intelligence through what they do in their school work well if you do it is time to change the

school in to that dream school? Laurel high school can be changed in to the dream school I mentioned

earlier , what we have to do is bring the student body to the understanding of why education is one of

the main ways to go through this challenging era of new technology and fast growth of knowledge .

Laurel high school has offered five thousand dollars into changing the school for a better environment

and better students.

Let's start off with what is already set in front of us the students are slaking with their grades

and are becoming problematic to the school environment there are many students in the school body

that are doing the right thing but are punished along with the other students. So it is time to transform

the school. LHS should start freeza program this is a youth development program that encourages student

to stimulate their studies and also enjoy there life with extra curricular activities that will stimulate the

brain and help students enjoy the funs in life. To start this program and to run it is a very easy task. First

you will have to gather as many students as possible according to subject area. We will include every

subject area as possible from sciences to liberal arts; from math to technology; from English to foreign

language; from social studies to physical education. All the students will be included in all these subject

areas so that the students will not miss any valuable fixation.

These days students misbehave because of lack of attention from the society so the best way to

help the students is



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