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Market Research of Apple Products

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Essay Preview: Market Research of Apple Products

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Market Research of Apple Products

Apple products are one the premium devices available in market with good build quality and retina display options, MAC OS, and making os to fluidic for performing any task smoothly, based on requirement and budget concern I have selected 2 models available with one of the online retailer and local retailer both devices are different in specs and have own USP, and off course budget, on my findings I have these 2 laptops in mind

About the laptop:

Specification of device: Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 - (4 GB/500 GB HDD/OS X Mavericks) MD101HN/An A1278 Notebook

Summary: This laptop is well suited for someone who needs it for normal use as it comes with intel i5 processor clubbed with 4gb DDR3 ram, intel HD4000 series graphic processor, which is sufficient for office, video watching and browsing the internet. The brand apple is one of the premium segment device manufacturer and the price offered by a vendor is less as compare to competitors in the market, best part its online shopping experience with this vendor on their website flipkart.com is very good, delivery done in a day makes purchase and shopping experience good.

Specification of device: Apple MacBook Air MMGF2HN/A 13.3-inch Laptop (Core i5/8GB/128GB/Mac OS X/Integrated Graphics)

Summary: This laptop is good for someone who can spend some extra bucks, with those extra bucks person will get increased performance device with DDR3 8gb ram, intel HD6000 series graphic processor, and SSD of 128 GB which adds fast processing of content on laptop, the weight of laptop is very light as compare to above device, this unit weight 1.2kgs, which makes it easy to carry anywhere, this laptop can perform well with its specs but heavy gaming is not recommended on this device.

About Vendor:

1. W.S retail Pvt Ltd is an online reseller of various goods, the required laptop is available with the seller at lesser price in market with invoice, this device is new box packed, this device seller offering at attractive rate of $785.83, buyer can buy this product on EMI basis as well as can get 10% cash back by using ATM or Credit card, as compare to other seller this seller is offering best price and quick and safe delivery service, currently seller have in stock device actual quantity is not confirm but roughly they have 6 in quantity

2. Gadget tree is local as well as online retailer selling via amazon.com, the second selected device this seller is selling for good rate and device is new boxed packed with warranty, buying via Amazon give offer off EMI option and discount of 10%, locally walk-in purchase will have benefit hand to hand purchase but 10% discount and EMI option won’t be available.


Laptops are



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