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Marketing Plan for Compact Suv

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan for Compact Suv

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Market vision

In 21 century car is become part of our lives. The research show that in western country every family have at least one car, that is a very large market. From the market theory we know that every product should segment the market, such in car market some people will like passenger car someone prefer SUV different customer will have different behave, one organization want to maximize the profit should segment the market for different target. In year 2010, 1,035,574 passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles were sold in the year 2010. Official VFACTS data released by the FCAI states 82,122 new vehicles were sold in August, up 12.1% on the same month in 2009. The SUV segment was the strongest performer during August, recording an increase of 32.5 per cent; followed by light commercials (up 22.6 per cent) and then passenger cars (up 3.5 per cent). In 2010 the SUV sales grew by 25%, far fast than any other segment and accounted for 22.7% of the market, SUV become the most popular vehicle in Australia.

Market describe

SUV is Sport Utility Vehicle, At first conception, an SUV was a vehicle that combined the towing capacity of a full-size truck with the passenger and storage capacity of a minivan. However, as consumer demands have changed, so has the SUV. Many manufacturers now focus on fuel-efficiency and driving and riding comfort, rather than towing capacity. Typical features of an SUV include seating for five to seven, high seating and road positioning, roomy interior, non-dedicated trunk space, high engine capacity and 4 wheel drive capability. Though the SUV was originally designed to be an off-road vehicle for sporting purposes, their popularity has spawned several different breeds, including the luxury SUV.

This market is force on compact SUVs. Compact SUVs are the smallest types of SUVs available on the market. They are generally also the cheapest. Most compact SUVs are fuel-efficient, and some of them are 2-wheel drive only, whereas most larger SUVs offer full 4x4 capability. Compact SUVs also have the least potential for accessory add-on, meaning that the optional features and other additional items that you can select for your compact SUV will not increase the price of the car as much as for other vehicles.

Target market segment

1. Geographic

Live in city in Australia, such as Melbourne and Sydney, not in countryside.

2. Demographic

Age from 24-35

Male and female(mostly male)

College or graduate education

Income over 60,000

3. Behavioralistic segmentation

Enjoys traveling for the sake of seeing new things and meeting people

Like nice and fashion things.

Consumer profile

In the auto market SUVs is expensive than small cars normally one compact SUV is the choice for young people who younger than 35 mostly male, like drive and outdoor, most of them have good income but not very high, most of them choose compact for their first car, compare to the normal sedan



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