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Marketing Plan in Japan

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In the era of globalization, many companies have decided to go internationally to widen their market, increase sales and gain the competitive advantage of target countries. For Australian flower companies in general and Wafex Company in particular, Japan is a potential market since it plays an important role as a "bridge nation" connecting Asia and the world. Japan. This country's reputations are well known for the high level of technologies and R&D capabilities. However, the significant problems that Japan has experienced are lack of natural resources and the elderly population, which lead to the higher production costs due to the high price of input materials and labor cost. As a consequent, some natural products and labor-intensive goods have prices that relatively higher in comparison with those in many other countries. Therefore, Japan has strong demand for importing these kinds of product.

In Japan, cut flower is one of the products that have a high production cost and Japanese are afraid of spending much money on buying flower in spite of their high demand on flower. To satisfy the domestic demand, Japan has to import a large number of flowers with lower price from global markets, and Australia has become Japan's flower importer because of its distinct species of flower. In addition, Australia has many types of beautiful flower with special shape and gorgeous color. Since Japan and Australia has a different season circles, Australian flower companies can export to Japan with a competitive price when Japan is in the winter because at that time, domestic flower will be too expensive. As a result, Japan is still a potential market for Australia companies to export flower in the future.



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