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The Financial Services Market

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Essay Preview: The Financial Services Market

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The financial services market is one of the most important economic institutions, carrying out the functions of mobilizing financial resources and transforming them into investments. The financial services market mediates the process of cash settlement and redistribution of financial resources; Creates opportunities for realization and augmentation of monetary savings; Realizes the mechanism of insurance of economic agents from various risks and performs many other important functions that form the conditions for sustainable socio-economic development and improve the quality of life of the population.

The rapid development of financial technologies against the backdrop of the instability of the economic system puts forward special requirements to the mechanism of providing financial services, consisting in the fact that modern consumers need not just a certain type of service, but full-fledged financial services. These requirements require the constant development and improvement of the quality and content of financial services, which is an actual problem for the Russian market due to a number of objective reasons. In turn, the development of the financial services market is provided by the balance of supply and demand, which determined the relevance of the research topic of this work.

Based on the relevance of the topic, the aim of the work is to study the supply and demand in the modern Russian financial services market.

To achieve this goal, the following tasks must be solved:

- to reveal the essential concepts and categories of the financial services market, its structure;

- identify the subjects of supply and demand;

- analyze the trends in the formation of demand and supply in the financial services market;

- evaluate the offer in the Russian financial services market;

- to identify the problems and prospects for the development of the Russian financial services market.

The subject of research work is the economic relations arising from the provision and consumption of financial services as an object of market exchange.

The object of research work are the categories of supply and demand in the Russian financial services market.

Theoretical basis of the work consisted of textbooks, scientific works and monographs of foreign and domestic scientists, as well as scientific and professional publications on the functioning and development of the financial market and, in particular, the financial services market. Subject studies in this area are presented by the works of such authors as O.V. Malinovskaya, I.P. Skobelev and A.V. Brovkina, E.V. Podkatilova,



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