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Message for Me

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In the beginning John found out he was moving from Minnesota to a new house near Bellingham, Washington. He was happy but his sisters, Hilda and Lois were not. They would miss the brook by their home and the small shack they had discovered.

When he moved into his new home they were fine. It was nicer than their old home. Instead of a brook, they now had a mountain, Mount Baker. As they started school John was confident, even though his sisters weren't. He was so shocked at his ginormous new school. He made 2 new friends, Marvin and Pete, but his friends had a secret... they smoked!!!! So John went along with did it too. He found it hard to quit. His new 'friends' also taught him to lie, and steal. Soon John taught his sister Lois how to steal, lie and keep secrets too.

One day after going to church and meeting Happy Hank, and listening to his story, the kids decided to confess. A few days after, Marvin's Papa died. Marvin was sent to go live back in Minneapolis to live with his aunt. For the meantime, he stayed to live with the Johnsons' who he loved being with. He kept praying to God that he could stay with them longer and God answered his prayers a few times.

Marvin cried and ran away. John was worried and went to see him. He took Marvin home and welcomed him to the family. They were happy and had a good time together.



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