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Money Won't Buy Happiness

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Money won't buy happiness

Since the concept of buying, instead of trading was needed, a monetary unit such as money was invented, so the idea came that it could buy anything even happiness; but is it really possible? Many individuals especially the one's pursuing money believe they will achieve happiness whenever money comes into their lives. Others, mostly those who have already had the opportunity of having a lot of money, know that money cannot buy happiness, even though it may contribute to one's cheerfulness. The causes and effects related to money and happiness make sense only when happiness is defined. To clarify why money won't buy happiness, the definition of happiness and the causes and effects of both, money and happiness are necessary to be understood.

Happiness is an emotional or affective state that can be individual or shared with others. Feelings such as joy or pleasure make a person happy.

For example, when a woman has a baby for the first time, the amount of pleasure in her heart creates an emotional state of happiness. According to different ethical views, happiness might be the only possible goal in life, or the power that encourages the pursuit of other goals. "Happiness might concern one's aggregate of pleasure or require a complex balance involving virtue, pleasure, achievement and good fortune."(Glossary of philosophy) Besides all the personal pleasures involved with happiness, there is also the collective, when a family shares special moments together or a newborn baby brings mom and dad closer together.

The reasons and results of money chasing in a person's life explains why happiness may not be present. Some human beings have the desire of having more and more money, as if it is all that matters in life. That's often caused by a lack of a loving and caring family or from some kind of discrimination. For example, a person who doesn't have that much money may not be well...



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