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Motivation in Buying Behaviour Mobile Ringtone Market

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Essay Preview: Motivation in Buying Behaviour Mobile Ringtone Market

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Margin erosion is also compounded by the heavy subsidy cost that nearly all mobile carriers need to apply to

smartphones in order to lower the price point in line with consumer expectations. A topical example of this

comes from the Apple iPhone. The handset has undoubtedly delivered brand value to carrier partners

globally and media reports suggest that iPhone users consume more data services than non-iPhone users.

However, a report from industry analyst Yankee Group, suggests that a number of carriers offering the

iPhone don't turn a profit on the subscriber until month 17 of a 24 month contract

3The consumer research was conducted online by Toluna over Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th March

2010 on behalf of WDSGlobal. A nationally representative total of 1020 respondents were polled in both

the USA and UK with an equal profile of age, gender and geographical spread per country.

Call and problem metrics referenced in this paper have been sourced from WDSGlobal's technical support

contracts. They have been blended across contracts, and regions to ensure a globalSince 1995, WDSGlobal has been dedicated to helping both service providers and consumers get the most

from their mobile products and services. Blending a global network of support centers, offering class-leading service assurance on behalf of its customers, with a comprehensive suite of tools and expert services,

WDSGlobal has built the industry's only platform of tools and services that actively optimizes the user

experience at every point in the mobile lifecycle.

Balancing profitability with customer loyalty has become a key challenge in today's mobile markets. Wireless

network carriers, handset manufacturers and service providers must now navigate an increasingly complex

landscape, comprising sophisticated device-types, converged networks and increasing competition, while

still assuring the user journey and delivering a compelling user experience to customers.

From the six million technical support calls we handle annually to the 2500 different



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