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Motivation to Get Mba

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Essay Preview: Motivation to Get Mba

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In order to understand my motivation to get MBA at Hult I should tell few words about my personal and professional path.

In the age of 21 I lost my mother. Inevitably, from that moment my life changed dramatically: I was bound to graduate from the university under accelerated program, quit my plans for the PhD, and find a job that could help to survive my farther in retirement and me.

My first step was to apply to Deloitte – without any doubt this was one of the wisest decisions and the first one taken by myself. I spent almost 4 years full of interesting projects, professional team around and in inspiring environment around. Deloitte educated me professionally, implanted the world quality standards, unleashed my potential and cultivated self-efficacy.

Growing professionally, I was encouraged to move from consulting to industry sector. My choice felled on Metinvest – the largest vertically integrated group of companies in my country. Honestly, this was one of the biggest challenges in my life: I was no longer an advisor, I became responsible for the decisions taken; I joined a small tax team to build the tax function from scratch in short terms; I should move from Kyi to Donetsk where the management company is located. Metinvest became my first real step in management career.

The father’s heart attack forced me to return home to Kyiv and change for Smart Holding. Here I was to build the tax function for a diversified private equity group of companies. The portfolio of investments included different industry segments: agriculture, oil&gas, metals&mining, shipbuilding, chemical production and even a bank.

The private equity with diversified portfolio of investments required a customized tax strategy, sound system of tax risks management, universal methodology and professional and efficient tax team. I am proud to name this as my ultimate accomplishment as Head of Tax.

As the Head of Tax of the Group I was involved in few strategic projects of the group, among them Corporate restructuring and set-up of the Family office. Beginning as a functional specialist with the time being I became the head of the projects. Successful fulfillment of the strategic projects allowed my supervisory board believe I could build and lead the project management office of the group. Now in the portfolio of the PMO we have at least 30 projects ongoing with the team of 12 professional staff. The PMO is responsible for three types of projects: 1) corporate restructurings; 2) turnaround of the distressed assets; and 3) support in M&A activity and integration of the new investments.

My short-term goal is to transform the PMO into the center of changes and continuous improvement for the group. The PMO should become a driver of innovative approach, a voice of the global changes and a pattern of the quality.

Obviously, such changes would obviously require a fresh breath and expertise which I expect to receive in Hult.

My long term is to become the CEO of the private equity fund. In a global economy, my major challenge will be to facilitate successful business case of the global scale in my country.



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