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Movie Review on Attack on Titan

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Essay Preview: Movie Review on Attack on Titan

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Movie Review on Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan is an anime series and was adopted into a movie. I wasn’t really a fan of anime so I haven’t watch the anime version. When I watched the movie, I find it good and really interesting but I was not informed that involved such scenes like eating humans. Lately did I notice that it was indicated in the title “Attack on Titan” Guess I was too ignorant to notice that. :D

There are three things that caught my attention in this movie.

On the top of the list is this one character named Eren. At the beginning of the movie you can see that he was always getting fired at his job and I was wondering why? What is the reason why he always gets fired? Then not quite a long time, my question was answered. It was like what Nietzsche’s definition of will to power. Eren has that kind of behavior. He wants to do what he wants, he can only be fully satisfied if he acts what he feels to do. He wants to be free and do not just want to be a slave. He wants to go and know what kind of life it is living outside the wall even though it is dangerous. Nietzsche once said that a healthy and strong individuals seek self-expansion by experimenting, by living dangerously and that is what Eren is doing. Even it is just a movie, I envy Eren because he possesses that kind of thinking. I am nothing like what Nietzsche is saying because I’m coward who always runs when there is possible danger.

Second, is the scene where Shikishima said that the true enemy isn’t the Titans but safety. Funny how little things may affect you. Even a single sentence in a movie will make you realize things in life. When I heard that line from Shikishima I felt guilty, because all this time, all I want is to be safe. I do not want to feel any danger in life. If it is only possible to stay in my comfort zone, I would stay there forever. But I know that it is wrong. I get the meaning of that line, once you experience safety you’ll love it and when conflicts come in your way, you will never be prepared because you’re used in the place that is safe, hence, becoming our true enemy.

Lastly, the line from Shikishima (again) “Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one”. It was really a line from Nietzsche. From this movie you will see that Eren’s willingness to take revenge on Titans. And by planning to do so, he didn’t notice that he is becoming one. The meaning of this is that when you fight for something, don’t be too caught up, because we know that “Anumang kulang o sobra ay masama.” Do not lose yourself!



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