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Book Report on Bible - Chapter 22 of Genesis

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Essay Preview: Book Report on Bible - Chapter 22 of Genesis

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In the chapter 22 of Genesis, I read the story about the sacrifice of Isaac. God wanted to test Abraham, so he asked Abraham to take his only son, Isaac, whom Abraham loves, to the region of Moriah, and then sacrifice Isaac there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains. Abraham obeyed God's order without any resistance, which would lead to his son's death eventually if God didn't stop him. Since I read that, I have listened to some understandings about it and have had my own opinions on this story. One is about the way parents treat children .From the above text of Genesis we can know Isaac was sent to Abraham and his wife by God when they had been very old, so Isaac was a surprising gift to the couple. Then, there is a thought that the fact Abraham can sacrifice Isaac without any hesitance must have something to do with Abraham's regarding his son as a gift. And it's believed that Abraham's idea has a deep effect on parents in western countries. Someone is in favor of that idea for the reason that parents will treat children better when children are seen as gifts rather than accidents. Besides, compared with parents in eastern countries, parents in western countries won't be too sad to live if they lose their children suddenly. There's no denying that it makes sense, but I still have the different opinion. From my perspective of view, relationship between family members in western countries may not be so deep as it in eastern countries, and to some extent I do think the deep relationship is very important. It's the deep relationship that enables people to have the feeling that they're loved by people. Under some circumstance, that feeling can support a person to cheer up, to go forward and overcome difficulties. I don't think people can love someone very deeply if they just regard him or her as a gift and how the gift can feel love, then learn to love others. Finally, perhaps everyone will become indifferent to surroundings. Even though the deep love will hurt us some day, it's worth treasuring. The other is about Abraham obeying God's order without thinking over on himself. We're the ones who have been gifted the ability of thinking, so you ought to feel guilty if you waste your ability. Whoever demands us, we shouldn't obey without having considered the demand. Although it's God who requires Abraham to sacrifice his son, I can't agree that it's right. Therefore, we're supposed to take warning from it. Whenever it is, we should think as a independent person. All above is some of my thoughts about a small part of bible.



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