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My Dream Job

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My dream job has always changed. In elementary school I wanted to be a teacher, then a nurse in middle school, and maybe even a lawyer when I began high school. But come time for college, I noticed that I've always had a passion for photography. When I got my first camera, I used up my film in just a few hours. Taking pictures of everything I could. Making my best friend model for me, or plants, or the sunset.

Of course it wasn't really imaginable for me growing up into a strict Filipino family. My parents wanted me to become a nurse for the 'good' money. Even now they still push towards something that I can just make money at. "Taking pictures is just a hobby," my parents would tell me. So, I never really pursued it, instead I slacked off at other things that would make them happy. Which is probably why I haven't succeeded.

Looking at pictures, or watching friends pursue what I wanted to do always makes me jealous. I admire the way photographers can see things that a lot of people will miss. The way they work with light, and angles. The way they can see something unique in such a mundane. I love that pictures can capture memories, trigger, find something beautiful in something ugly.

Looking back at pictures now, I feel as if I lost that inkling, or creativity that I believed I once had. When I did take classes my obstacle was that they were using old SLRs so the beginning was all about developing, using a dark room, and using chemicals, that I got bored before we got to the actual shooting. So hopefully now that everything technologically advanced, ill be able to learn styles and techniques. Of course I'll be doing it on the side as a 'hobby'for now and study business which will hopefully go hand in hand with each other. But I know I will have to work hard to prove that I can do it as a steady job.

My Dream job (questioning)

*What is my dream job?


*Why is it my dream job?

I love taking pictures, finding something beautiful in something ugly.

* How will i get it?

I'm not sure that I will, because I feel like I lost my "eye" for it. But practice makes perfect

*What do I want to do with phography?

Ultimately Id like to shoot special occasions, and family portraits. But I have thought about criminal photography as in crime scene photos.

* Have I done anything with it?

I have taken some classes but it was before the new digital SLRs came out (single lens reflex) I got bored with the beginning steps of developing. I have actually shot a few events



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