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My Essay Is Boring

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        Many big dreamers often crash and burn after learning their goal are as good as they thought. These types of people tend to be ambitious, they usually take on more than they can handle. Many believe big dreamers are great people setting out to do great in the world; however, these people are more likely to fail in accomplishing their dreams then other regular people. Being realistic is obviously a better choice than being full of dream and empty promises.

         Being practical and realistic proves efficient when overcoming large obstacles.

For Example, Practical people work on a small scale, reaching certain small goals. They pile these small goals up, eventually leading the way to the finish line. This is a more efficient way to work compared to dreamers, who eagerly take huge steps, leaving room for many errors and setbacks.

        It also allows for safe progress. For instance, by working on small goals it takes away the chance of huge mistakes. Progress can be made quickly without having to worry about these errors because likely outcomes were already thought of beforehand.

Being realistic provides us with an accurate point of view on how things really are. Consequently, people can more appropriately come up with solutions to problems they immediately encounter, safe and well-thought out solutions.

Why be an eager dreamer? Why give in to happy delusions? People need to be more realistic, be people of reason and practical ideas. Ambition will always be rewarder with failure. Why take a risk when you can ensure success? Be realistic its obviously the better choose.  






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