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My Family in a Nut Shell

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Essay Preview: My Family in a Nut Shell

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This paper will be discussing my child hood from when I last remember till the age of eighteen years old. I will be discussing growing up in Wyoming. What it was like as a child of a broken home. How it affected me, my brothers, and my parents. I will also be talking about what life was like while my parents were separated and what it was like to try to stay loyal to both of them.

This paper will be covering what my grandparents were like and how they influenced my life. I will also be covering the difference between the schools out west and in North Carolina and the different school programs that they had.

To start I come from a family of five. My mother, father, and two brothers. I can remember all the way back to when I was five years old. My father was out of work. We lived in an old farm house in Bloomsburg P.A. One day I over heard my parents talking about a new job he was offered. The only catch to the job was that it was in Douglas Wyoming as a deputy sheriff. So not having much choice with work being slow and the bills being high we moved to Wyoming. I remember our first house it was a small ranch style house on the poor side of town. My brothers and mother were not to happy about the move and that they had to leave all their friends so there seemed to be a lot of fighting early on in my childhood between my father and the rest of the family. After a couple years my grandparents came to visit us and took us to North Dakota to see Mt Rushmore. This is one of the best memories in my early childhood. It was not long after I turned six years old that we moved into a vary nice house on a vary nice street. We lived close to the rest of the deputies and the sheriff of Douglas. It was like this was our new family we did everything together. All us kids went to the same school and played on the same baseball team. We even all took vacations together. Things were getting better for us but it seemed like the fighting between my mother and father was getting worse. To afford the nicer house my father had to work more hours and was home less. When I was seven years old I came home from school one day and all us kids bags were packed. My parents told us that we were going to go back to P.A. to live with my grandmother on my mom's side. At this point I didn't think too much into it and just did what I was told. We rode the am track train all the way from Wyoming to P.A. This was vary exciting as a young boy. After we got to my grandmothers house I started to notice that my mom was taking me to my dad's mom's house more than I was with her. I didn't much care though I loved spending time with Grammy and pappy Hartzell. I learned a lot from my grandparents over this time. My mother wasn't trying to raise me so it got put off on them. I would have to say this is where I started learning right from wrong and my work ethic. My grandparents always took me to the farm to help work the fields and tend to the animals. After about a year of living there my dad showed up one day and started to explain to us that he and my mom were not going to live together anymore and we had to decide who we wanted to stay with. I think this was one of the hardest decisions I ever made in my life and I was only eight years old. In the end I went to stay with my father back out west. My oldest brother also moved back with my dad and we finely felt like we were back where we were meant to be. It didn't take long until my dad was back to working all the time and leaving me with my brother to watch me. I remember how sad I used to get when he would leave for work because my brother was not vary nice to me while he was gone. I know that everyone's brother was mean to them growing up but this was a lot worse than that. He would lay me on



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