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Orion Electronics Case Stdy

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Alice George, started her corporate life at Orion electronics, where she was in sales job. She left the job as she wanted to gain success with her own potential rather than being guided by her boss Mr. Sammadar. She then joined Conman Systems Private ltd. With her sheer hard work and pleasing personality and hard work there was an increase in the company’s sales for laptops and PC’s. The Company has its roots in home computing and feels a need to expand in business computing as well. Thus, the company hired Manohar Naik as GM, marketing with a special responsibility for business computing. Now the company is offering her the new position of VP in public relations instead of Marketing.

Problem statement:

Alice George is offered the job as VP Public relations, where as she wanted to work as VP marketing.


• Continue working with Conman Systems as AVP, marketing.

• Accept the new position of VP, Public relations.

• Quit the job.

Analysis of alternatives:

1. Continue working with Conman Systems as AVP, marketing.

Doing so Alice would have to report to Mr. Naik, who had joined just a few days ago and who she thought is using unethical means.

2. Accept the new position of VP, Public relations.

Alice is a hardcore marketing professional and thus working with public relations would not provide her happiness. But she has been working in marketing for a long so if she tries working in PR that would give her a different perspective to look at things.

3. Quitting the job.

The present working environment is somewhat unhealthy for Alice and therefore quitting the job is one of the best alternatives.

Suitable alternative and course of action:

Alice should accept the position as Vice President of public relations and try working for a while. If the job gives her happiness she should continue it otherwise she can always quit the job and work in marketing anywhere.



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