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Personal Creative Essay

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Digging, digging, digging, digging, digging, digging

When l wake up in the morning and see the sun is rolling l start to get a feeling that l am really dreaming every day l know that it will be the same. My grandpa came to said hip hip and me he this is how the story starts ye this is how the story starts. Go tell the main man that l am going digging down make my way digging gold finding less the then a loud it feels like l am finding mould. And gold is turning into mould and you can't sell it for a pound. There is a big wall in found off me and it is blocking my path to greatness and lam going to make the wall fall to the ground hop l don't find mould just gold. To find my way to a fresh new path I've got to sacrifice my wife for a life. It is just about to rain so tell the main man to not give away his wife because with out a wife there is know life and it is terrible. I am going to give to give you a warning that it is almost morning and l can not wait to eat wait till l give you a rating of the food it is yuck and it's filthy and it is abslalutly disgusting. The water is a less then half of the quality of the water know a days. The warning of the morning is acutely quit good because that is the best thing we can afford. The people that l woke with are very unkind as l am trying to find gold, gold is so ice cold if you keep digging three times you will see a little shine oh that is gold. In your life you will have to have a knife or you will not survive. Why you won't survive and live is because it is a hard life back then. It was a hard life back then. It was a hard life back then.



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