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Personal Reflective Essay

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Assignment #2 DG_W17

Wesa-Shapiro, Farai


I live in Corvallis and because of that I have to commute to and from Linn Benton and Corvallis. I have I planed my classes in a careful manner to ensure as much time for schoolwork as possible. I have blocked all my classes for the first half of the day, taking as many 8:00 am classes as possible. This is so I only have to commute twice, from Corvallis to Linn Benton and back. By scheduling all my classes close together during the first half of the day helps give me afternoons and evenings to finish my class assignments and online quizzes.

For a typical day in the week I first go to my 8:00 am class and get done around 2:00-3:00 pm. I then spend the rest of my time in the library doing homework and don’t leave until it is done; and or until the last bus heads back to Corvallis. This further encourages me to stay after class working on assignments in the library, rather than leaving early and potentially not finishing them. I have yet to buy the books for my courses, rather I check them out for an hour or two in the library. This forces me to work on my assignments given that I can’t finish them with out the required text. This also helps cut down my tuition and expenses.  

I did learn that there is a learning center where students can rent out rooms for study groups. This I learned when I informally interviewed one of my classmates. I plan on using the learning center starting next week with our new study group. I also Informally interviewed another classmate of mine who has taken a course with the instructor we both share and learned valuable information about office hours and how to succeed in the class. Instructors are different even if they teach the same subject so I plan on utilizing office hours as much as possible.

As far as getting familiar with online resources, I used the online catalog for course’s to narrow down what classes I needed for my major. There is a specific tab for classes labeled Cultural Diversity, Western Culture and Literature/Art that made finding the classes I needed easier. I have also used the Oregon State/Linn Benton class equivalent course catalog to ensure I get all my transferable credits for OSU as well as my class requirements for my major.



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