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Pet Peeve Essay

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Pet Peeve Essay

One of my pet peeves is when people like to ask me if something is wrong, when nothing is wrong. People like to repeatedly ask when they think there is something wrong. Whenever they ask, I usually am just day dreaming, deep in thought, and sometimes it's just too personal to just tell anyone who asks.

At first, when people ask me if there's anything wrong, it doesn't bother me and just I reply to them. People that are always asking me that do start to annoy me and when I get frustrated with them, they assume that something is wrong. It's usually when I distracted that people ask me if something is wrong. I think people shouldn't ask you what's wrong all the time because it could just be small thing or something private.

When I am deep in thought thinking about important stuff, sometimes people ask me if there's anything wrong. This ruins my concentration and my thoughts, and that bothers me a lot. I have to waste time explaining to them that nothing is wrong and what I was doing before I was interrupted. Being asked what's wrong starts to become a distraction by itself as well.

Sometimes we have problems we don't want to talk about, when we are asked if anything is wrong, we do not want to mention it. Being pressured to answer will just make us upset and annoyed. The problem may be simple but just too personal to talk about it, even to friends. I get these types of problems and it is an annoyance to have to answer when people ask about it.

In conclusion, having people ask me what's wrong is just more annoying than helpful. It can end up distracting me from concentrating or from completing task. It's okay to ask when you feel it is a problem, but asking repeatedly just makes people angry. People have their own problems and do not want to discuss it.



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