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Philosophy Class - Socratic Dialogue

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Essay Preview: Philosophy Class - Socratic Dialogue

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Paper Topics

• Moral Law (Categorical Imperative)

1. Must be universal and ethical

- Everyone must be free to do something if he or she think it is ethical for everyone

- No exceptions (You too)

2. As an end and never as merely as means

- “Most of us agree with that - though we don't put it so formally. We say that we don't think that we should use other people, which is a plain English way of saying that we shouldn't treat other people as a means to our own ends.”

3. The good will

• Ethical persons – Moral Legislators

• People who choose their own moral laws – do they pose harm to society?

• A person who finds themselves in a difficult

1. What will happen if all men have done the thing im about to do what im about to do?

2. If this idea could become a moral law, common, who will practice it?

- When a person thinks like this he liberates himself from personal motives, profit

- And horrible intentions

• Socrates “You cannot teach ethics, it is inate and those are either born ‘assholes or decent humans’”.

• Prepositions for morality



3. Respect of the law

• Moral skepticism “don’t believe in right or wrong”

• Prima Facie

1. Fidelity – reparation

2. Gratitude – Non maleficence

3. Justice – beneficence

4. Selfe improvement

• Virtue Ethisc – doctrine in general that emphasis the role of character and virtues rather than rules and cosequenceas


• Aristotle 384-322 bc

1. Thesensual

2. The political

3. The life of reason

Around the year 380 B.C.E. Plato writes the Republic which was a Socratic dialogue concerning justice, education, and the law. Within this book Plato records a dialogue between his mentor Socrates and his brother, titling it “The Allegory of the Cave”. This story was a theory in



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