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Physical Structures Affects on Human Behavior

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Essay Preview: Physical Structures Affects on Human Behavior

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Architecture and the Environment

Looking at the surrounding world, there are buildings, homes, offices, and recreational places that are all designed to meet the needs of every type of individuals. Depending on the individual's needs determine their behavior when they go into a certain place of business or home. It is common to hear someone state that they did not like the environment in a certain place and that is because the design or architecture did not fit their needs. During the next few paragraphs there will be a sense of understanding why physical structure affects human behavior as well as why architecture controls human behavior, the environmental psychological implications of commercial and residential design and how important architectural development is to sustainable development.

Physical Structures Affects on Human Behavior

In 2009, Clayton and Myers state, "One of the strongest, and frequently overlooked, determinants of behavior is simply what is allowed or enabled by the physical and social environment, the behavioral affordances" (Clayton & Myers, 2009). Behavior can be determined by the situations a person is put in within the physical environment. For example, taking a detour due to a wreck on the highway or interstate can cause a person's behavior and mood to change instantly depending on what has to be done during that type of situation. Depending on the physical structure of the highway, will determine how simple or difficult it is for a person to re-route and get where they are going and will also determine their mood and behavior once they reach their destination. One little mishap in a person's physical structure can set their moods for the entire day or even week. As it is known, mood influences a person's behavior. As people are set in their daily routines and get used to how things are supposed to be, it can be hard to have to change for a day because of a wreck or months because of construction. Individuals also are able to switch their behavior to adapt in situations that they believe they have no control over. For example, a person who has no control over the temperature in a room deals with heat or cold by getting a fan or heater to satisfy their current temperature needs (Clayton & Myers, 2009). Another example of this would be in reference to what was discussed earlier about traffic being re routed for different reasons. People go a certain way because they know that it will still get them to their destination and there is nothing they can do to change the situation. Behavior is determined by the situation. People that do not usually litter may do so when there are no garbage cans available and people do not recycle when the recycle bins are not labeled and convenient (Clayton & Myers, 2009). Behavior is based on a person's feelings. Feelings are based on a person's thoughts and



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