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Pop Culture

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Back then, pop culture and society was amazing. Now its horrible! Music is disgusting, Movies are losing their true value, and people are fat. yes, we, America, are fat. And there is not enough swag to go around, thats why people are now dumber and fatter. Our government is getting more and more corrupt. There is no more adventure, no more happy times. Yup, our generation is boring as fuck.

As a matter of fact, back then, LIFE WAS AMAZING. People actually loved living in whichever decade they were living in. And by back then I mean the 1920s until like the 1980s. The music...AHHHH. All the girls fainting and screaming while Elvis gets his swagger on, crying of joy as The Beatles pass by, getting high with Led Zeppelin, Feelin' that feel good feelin' of swing when you hear Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson thrilling people with his zombie side and introducing the world to his ever famous Moonwalk, the sexyness and beauty of Marilyn Monroe..the music was beyond incredible. Now its people who can't even write their own music on a piece of paper.

Back then, we would make history with all those legendary movies that were released, such as Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, Psycho, Jaws, Godfather, Goodefellas, Taxi Driver, Rocky, Star Wars.....and SOOO much more, I'm just getting started.

It was back then, when everybody was friends and when John F. Kennedy actually gave us hope.

Yup, now, society is fucked. Our generation is trash. The only good thing about our generation is the health benefits, but that doesn't fix anything.

it makes me dream of time travel, but we all know its almost irrelevant...



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