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Principle of Good and Effective Form Design

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A good form design is to ease the understanding of the person dealing with the source documents. The most important principle of a good and effective form design is simplicity.

-As simple as possible

For example, if a form is needed to design a complicated business transaction, it does not mean the form has to be complicated. Therefore, the invoice should be as simple as possible for customer to understand easier.

-A heading to state the function of the document.

The invoice should be stated as "Invoice" at the heading to describe its function. The word "Invoice" should also be printed in larger font size in a different style in order to contrast with other elements.

-Specific identification number in series for every invoice

There should be a specific identification serial number allocated in every different invoice. It is more convenient for customers to do reference and file them.

-Sufficient room for response.

Make sure there is sufficient space provided in the invoice for recording information or response of customers. They can also direct the customers to attach additional sheets if necessary.

-Related information should be grouped together

It is better to group information which is related to each other together to avoid misunderstandings and inconvenience of the customers.

-Multipart to be filled out once

Multipart of an invoice that can be created by only being filled out once should be provided to reduce repetitious writing.

-The principle of consistency

The principle of consistency states that an invoice is easier to use if similar objects are expressed in similar ways. It also states that if you have two different ways of handling an element in a form or invoice, one of them must be wrong.

-Information in a logical sequence

The information in a form or an invoice must be in a logical sequence for customers to response consistently in it.

-Clear instructions or explanatory note

There should be an explanatory note or clear instructions printed in a suitable place when ambiguity is expected.

-Related forms of similar information should be placed at the same position

To ease the burden of completing the form and for easier reference, similar information should be placed at the same position. For example the name of the customers and logo of the business.



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