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Professional Strategies Development

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Essay Preview: Professional Strategies Development

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Patrick Comb's Major in Success is a piece if literature that should be obligatory in being a critical role to any student's repitoaire. Not only does it help students have an understanding of their passions and help them organize and balance their responsibilities, it emphasizes the importance of taking action for success. This book outlines the importance of internships, classes necessary to excel, training, and interviewing. I have learned that college is definitely the milestone to a successful career and life, but mastery of structure starts at the elementary level. If it is not attained in college life, it will be difficult to progress elsewhere. The most important lesson which I learnt from "Major in Success", was that intelligence and talent are assets in success, but the sole contributor is motivation. With my current situation in academia and life, this has been what has helped me realize that person drive exceeds any possible obstacles.

Although it is good to pursue something that you are good at, Comb emphasizes that passion and the goals associated with it are what can actually lead to success. Even if at first you are not successful, experience will slowly lead you there. Comfortability level should not effect any step, although something may seem intimidating at first, it is crucial you break the wall and carry through with the endeavor. Most students, including me only follow through with actions if they fall in their comfort zone, at times we need to look things at challenges and consider the possible reward which may ensure if attempted. I felt this message to be the most important, because even though I am outgoing, it takes time for me to become that way, but on first impression I am quite shy. I realized how by breaking that initial wall is helpful to great networking which even though may not produce career opportunities right away, I have met fascinating people who have given me great advice.

Stylistically speaking, I really appreciated Patrick Comb's writing. I appreciated the fact he speaks in a motivating manner to help the reader. He even produces possible arguments a reader can conjure and answers them in an eloquent fashion. Another golden message is his emphasis of how our passions will bring us success. Following through with our strengths will give us financial success, but success is not simply defined by monetary standards. It is also defined by contentment and the sheer enjoyment of what we are doing.

Comb's messages through his book are very well outlined. He emphasizes the importance of setting goals, working towards them without fear, time management, stress management, networking, having mentors, and excelling at communication. I really enjoyed this book, because in a time of confusion it allowed me to understand my priorities and work towards my aspirations. I recommend for those in need of guidance to read



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