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Professional Development 1

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Professional Development is the subject which will help us in the development of personal, professional and academic skills and attribution. so, my expectation from this unit is to have strong knowledge on academic skills and attribution and to be professional.


In this unit, we are assigned with many assignments. Most of the assignments are done together as a team. So, to form a team we did the quiz before the class which is on the resources manual book. As per the quiz, we were categorized as leader, achiever, thinker, doer and carer. But however we are divided, but still we all the team members are trying to give our 100%.


Professional Development helps us to demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and willingness to respond to change. In our group we all the team members are from the different country and with different thinking, skills, knowledge, and culture and so on which will provide us opportunity to learn so many things from each other while working together as a team.


I plan to make sure that I will work to meet my expectation level. As, the team selection was also quite satisfactory we will make sure to follow the Tuckman's model of team development so that there will be less likely to occur dispute and more chances of success in a team.

different from the subject matter.

Definition of Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is defined as the controllable variables that the company puts together to satisfy the target group (Perreault, W. D., McCarthy, E. J. 2000). The 4 P's framework of marketing mix is product, price, promotion and place which creates the whole promotional campaign.

Definition of Target Marketing

Target marketing says that a marketing mix is tailored to fit some specific target customers (Perreault, W. D., McCarthy, E. J. 2000). It is not mass marketing as mass marketing presumes that everyone is the potential customers whereas target marketing specifies some particular target customers. Also target market is not limited to small market segments only to fairly homogeneous ones (Perreault, W. D., McCarthy, E. J. 2000).



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