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Donation Letter Sample

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Essay Preview: Donation Letter Sample

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Date of Letter:

The Donor Name:

The Donor Title:

The Donor Address:

The Donor Email:

The Donor Phone:

To Whom It May Concern or Dear Mr._______ /Mrs._______:

I am writing to request your support for our _______________ (Your Organization) ___________________ (Your Event) that is coming up on ________ (Your Event Date). This ___________________ (Your Event) is an opportunity for youth and young adults in our community to learn these essential skills.

The _______________ (Your Organization) provides essential services and referrals for _____________ (Service). Our mission is: "_______________________" In addition to events like ____________________ (Your Event), we offer ________________ (Services)

We appreciate the opportunity to invite you to participate in our ________________ (Your Event) as a sponsor. We would be grateful for donations of ________________________ (be specific). We expect to serve between ________ (amount of people) with the support of generous community businesses. Any gift is appreciated, and we are happy to provide a 501c3 letter acknowledging your gift to the ___________ (Your Organization). Attached is a brochure with more information about _________ (Your Organization) and our services.

Again, thanks for your time. I am happy to talk by phone or come and meet with you to answer any other questions about ____________ (Your Organization/ Your Event). Feel free to contact me at the information indicated below. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Feel free to add any other thing you would like to this letter.


Your Name: University of Massachusettes

Your Title: Student Advisor

Your Organization: Student Life Dept.

Your Address:

Your City/State/Zip:

Your Email: studentlife@um.edu

Your Phone: 403-954-2687

Your Fax: 403-786-2634



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