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Role Model Essay

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I have always been skeptical about certain things in my life. The term 'role model' was one of them. A 'role model' to me was nothing but an unsophisticated term for a genuinely good person with a serviceable moral compass. Examples of role models include sports figures, Presidents, or even firefighters and policemen. Although these are good figures to look up to, I feel that a role model should be someone you know on a personal level. My cousin, Tamesh, then stepped in and showed me the true meaning of a role model.

Tamesh is a junior at Baruch College majoring in Finance and Investments. Tamesh is someone I consider to be a role model because he truly has my best interest at mind. Throughout my life, I have been through countless ordeals and yet he has always been there to help me get back up on my feet whenever I fell flat on my face. Having learned so much from him, owing a part of my personality to what he has taught me, I hope to be like him one day. Tamesh has been remarkably important in my life, having influenced me even more than my own father. When I was younger, I had no interest in school whatsoever. Tamesh was one of the few that not only felt the need to help me, but went out of his way to correct my mistakes. He would constantly be in my ear, telling me to focus on school, to stay determined, that everything I wanted would come in time with hard work. Tamesh showed me how to organize my time so that I could still enjoy life as a teenager, but also focus on my school work. Tamesh also helped me get the negative influences out of my life. Upon coming to this country when I was 13 years old I didn't have anyone to teach me right from wrong. Friends in school would influence me to cut school and accompany them in other mischievous acts. Tamesh took me under his wing and taught me how to separate my real friends from the fake. Over time, Tamesh's advice graduated beyond school and into life. The biggest lesson he could have ever taught me was how to accept failure. He warned me that failure is inevitable, but only true winners can turn failure into success.

I always wanted to be like my cousin. However, I have come to realize that this will not happen. I have to be myself. I have to try and not only be better than Tamesh, but better than what everyone expects. That being said, I am eternally grateful to my cousin for having instilled the building blocks and the knowledge necessary to reach my full potential. The key is to stay focused and work towards your own personal goals. If you get lucky, you might get a nudge in the right direction or you might get a Tamesh of your own.



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