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Who Is the Role Model for Young Women? Pride and Prejudice and Bj's Diary

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Essay Preview: Who Is the Role Model for Young Women? Pride and Prejudice and Bj's Diary

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Who is the role model for young women?

One question, what pops to your mind when the term 'role model' is mentioned? Generally, 'role model' mean a person who gives you an example, whose behavior or character is imitate by others. Between Elizabeth Bennet in pride and prejudice by Jane Austen that first published in 1813 and Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding in 1996, I will choose Elizabeth Bennet as role model for young women nowadays. I think for most people they will have the same choices as me. Thus, I will be focusing more on Elizabeth for the rest of my speech.

In Jane Austen's time, the aim for a woman is not to get a professional career. Women in that time did not get an education and work, as today's women. Their education is to learn to play piano, to dance, sing and converse. With that, their "career" is to get marriage to a well off man. This allows them to guarantee a life without any financial problem. If they can't marriage, either brother or father has to provide them everything in life. Therefore, they have to understand the importance of marriage. In contrast, women can depend on themselves in today's society as majority has got an education and a career. In economic way, they seldom depend on husband as it is no longer a woman's "career" to get marriage.

--@ Elizabeth Bennet (called "Lizzy" by family and friends) is a woman with confident. She is intelligent, lively, attractive and witty but with a tendency to judge on first impression. Although the novel was written two hundred years ago, the distance of time could not fade away the image of Elizabeth as a complex young woman with sparkling intelligence and a strong personality. In my opinion, this is what woman in 21st century that needs to learn about. Not like Bridget Jones, she is always careless and insecure with herself. In Bennet family, there are five daughters in total. Elizabeth is the second eldest in the family, is always first in her father's eyes. For sure, she does love her mother too.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of our heroine is her bravery in both thoughts and actions. Elizabeth is brave enough for the position in life that she is in. Her strength is shown in her rejections of the proposals of Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth politely refused Mr. Collins. " I thank you again and again for the honor you have done in your proposals, but to accept them is absolutely impossible" This quality is worth to be learn by the young women today. Unlike Bridget, her relationships with men are mostly disastrous. She gets involved with her boss, Daniel, who ends up cheating on her. Young women nowadays need to be brave like Elizabeth to avoid being cheated like Bridget.

She is a very determined young woman. Elizabeth is capable to does and says whatever she believes



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