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Romeo and Juliet

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We have explored many pieces of literature in our class. The pieces of literature are from a variety of time periods; so each of them is something different. The stories are usually based on the society during the time period it was written; so we could learn from how they lived. The literature that has most impacted me is: Romeo and Juliet. It is a story about two passionate lovers and the tragedies they face. The tragedies are caused by the lover's decisions; the decisions are mainly based on the story's themes. The story's themes are: Love/ Passion, Fate/Chance and Youth. In the following, I will discuss how the themes and the consequences of the lover's decisions have impacted me. I will also reflect on how I have seen society mirrored in Romeo and Juliet.

The main theme in Romeo and Juliet is love, the love that upraises when Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time. This love is a powerful force, it displaces all other values and beliefs, the two challenge their social status (Capulet's and Montague's), their friends (Romeo leaves his friends to visit Juliet at the garden), their ruler (Romeo return's to Verona after being exiled). Romeo and Juliet show us the chaos that can occur because of love/passion. I learnt that: 1.When you're in love you would do things that you usually wouldn't do. To avoid doing that you should think thoroughly before making any/big decisions. 2. People might think they're in love with someone wh



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