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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet were two star-crossed lovers. Therefore they weren't meant to be together. As a result they both died; their cause of death, suicide. What lead them to suicide? Juliet's parents, the Capulet's, Romeo and Juliet themselves.

Just like any other parent would do if there daughter fell in love, they try to stop it. But maybe they went too far. As Juliet's mother, Lady Capulet was excited for Juliet to get married, even if she was only 14. First of all, Juliet didn't even want to get married. As she said, "It is a honor I do not dream about." But her mother did not stop. She kept telling her how there are mothers younger than Juliet. Secondly, it was a arranged marriage. It was pressure that Lady Capulet put on Juliet about getting married, even if she didn't love Paris, her fiancé at the time.

While Juliet was supposed to meet Paris at a party, she met someone else. It was Romeo, a Montague; in fact Montague's and Capulet's didn't get along too well. Just as they met, they rushed into it. Romeo said he loved Juliet after about five minutes of meeting her. Then later on that night Juliet asked Romeo to marry her. Not only did Juliet's parents push her, but she pushed herself also.

Juliet knew that her parents would never accept her and Romeo being together, let alone them getting married. Romeo was aware of the same thing with his parents. So Romeo went to the Friar, what they called a priest back in the 1500's, and asked him to marry him and Juliet. As the ceremony went on, Friar said to both of them, "These violent delights have violent ends." Knowing that their marriage would never be accepted, they kept it a secret, a secret that will kill both of them in the end.

Juliet's father told her she was to get married to Paris the next day, so she could be happy again. Juliet didn't want to get married to Paris so she went to the Friar and got some sleeping potion. The sleeping potion would put her into a deep sleep until the next day where Romeo would come for her and they would live happy. But Romeo never got the letter telling him Juliet was just in a deep sleep. Thinking Juliet was dead, Romeo killed himself. Then when Julie woke up and saw Romeo dead, she killed herself also.

Their tragic and dangerous love came to a abrupt end, death. From this we learn to not pressure our children, not to rush into relationships, and to accept their children for who they love. We will never know they real reasons of why Romeo and Juliet died, but we do know that Romeo, Juliet, and the Capulet's had something to do with it.



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