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Romeo and Juliet

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After Romeo and Juliet's death, the families united. They started liking eachother they didn't hate eachother no more. After the death of there children they didn't want to argue with eachother anymore. Lord Capulet and Montague were good friends. Because Lord Capulet had told Montague that they should stop this stupidity towards eachother because that's basically what made there children kill themselves. So he was trying to say that if they haven't held the grudge towards there families there children would stil be alive. If the families weren't in such rival towards eachother Romeo and Juliet would still be alive. So one day Lord Capulet went to Montague's mansion to just hang out, and they had made plans to go golfing the next day. So all of a sudden there wives wanted to go with them, but they didn't want to take them because they got annoying sometimes. So Lord Capulet had a thought that they should just have a huge picnic at his house. Montague agreed but he still wanted to go golfing. So Montague thought that they should go golfing and let the wives do the picnic by themselves and thier friends. Lord Capulet thought this was a good idea. Somehow the wives probably wouldnt like this idea. Their wives loved spending time with their husbands but the husbands wanted them to know that they need their space and alone time the just being around their wifes all the time. Capulet didn't want his wife to take it the wrong way though. These two men were very confused. They wanted some alone time from their wives but they didn't want to hurt their feelings also.



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