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Psychology - How My Brain Works? - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: Psychology - How My Brain Works? - Personal Essay

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Sometimes I don’t even know how my brain works but I notice how it works. (I don’t really know how to explain this ma’am, sorry) My brain works in every lesson, trials and entertainment that I experience everyday. For example is when I’m listening to music. I always get carried away by the tune and its lyrics, I didn’t even realize I was singing and dancing along. When reading a book, when the story is in the depth of breaking my heart, my brain tells me to cry so I’ll cry. Doing chores, when my mother tells me to wash the dishes, to clean my room and to get what she wants me to get, my brain responds immediately because I know what to do and what to get. In school, when my professor discusses something about a particular topic, my brain will suddenly tell my hand to write down important notes. I can handle writing down notes while listening and understanding what the professor is talking about. And when I’m really lazy to go to school, I will pretend and think that there are no classes tomorrow and maybe it will happen. I don’t even understand but that’s how my brain works.


People tend to grow and develop physically, mentally and socio-emotional. Physically, I realize that I gained so much weight that I can almost notice the fats along my upper arms and thighs. I think my height is appropriate for my age but I kind of have long limbs which results of me being clumsy at its finest. And as a teenager, I have to start dealing with acne. My face started having a lot of pimples that sometimes my face looks like a pizza with so much pepperoni toppings on it. When it comes to mental growth and development, I could say that my knowledge have increased and broadened because I go to school everyday and I learn new things by experiences and by people I bump into everyday. I believe my thoughts become more complex now than before and that my imagination becomes more creative and artistic. I love reading books and I think that helps widened my imagination and my linguistic. In terms of socio-emotional, I can tell that there are lots of things that really changed. I used to be so jolly, ebullient and rowdy kid during my childhood days but because of so many adversities that I’ve experienced, everything changed. I became this reluctant kid who always feels uncomfortable in front of people and is always quiet most of the time. I used to have so much confident before that I don’t even care what people will think or say about me and now, I don’t even understand why I suddenly became an introvert. It was never hard for me to say what I want and what I feel but things changed now. It’s very hard now for me to share and express my emotions.


Everyday I learn new things and I get them from different sources. I learned things maybe by going to school, by what I saw in my environment, by what I notice from people I encounter everyday and it can also be by experience. For me, our brain is more like a muscle- it changes and gets stronger when you use it. Whenever there’s an exam, I tend to review all the lessons we discussed and make myself understand every single detail about a specific topic. I will keep repeating one sentence until I memorize it without even looking at the paper. That’s how it works. There are things I once found very hard but now, it seems to become so easy. Before, I found it so hard to solve crosswords and Sudoku’s but I didn’t give up so I practice everyday until I finally learn a lot of techniques in solving them. I believe that the more we challenge our mind to learn, the more our brain cells grow. I use my cleverness not just in school but also in finding a way on how to deal with life’s hardship. I once consider ending my own life before because of too many hindrances in life but that’s just another immoral thing to do. I kept telling myself that I can do better than this and that I’m smarter enough to think about all these non-sense things. In terms of memorizing song lyrics, I happened to memorize them quickly like it’s stored in a long term memory. Over time, a skill becomes automatic and you don’t need to think about what you’re doing.



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