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Short Question Answers for Chem 2211

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Essay Preview: Short Question Answers for Chem 2211

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Standing in front of the class sweating and nervous, this is what basically happens to most people when they have to present in front of a crowd. With this going on you can forget what you want to say, be embarrassed, laughed at, and faint. One of those that were just listed is my biggest fear; forget what to say or not having enough to say. I have been giving presentations and talking to my fellow peers since grade school, from talking about my favorite presidents to my volcano in the science fair. Every time I step up to speak something comes into my head and I begin to panic, my thoughts start racing with ideas as in " I don't have enough to talk about" or " I think I have to much and need to cut it short". But with this fear comes a skill or should I say strength I have regarding public speaking, being able to calm myself down. During the presentation many thoughts usually race into my head and I tend to lose my concentration but I just take in a deep breath count to ten and it is smooth sailing from there.

When rating myself in terms of beginner, novice, or expert public speaker I would have to say I am a novice public speaker. I am a novice speaker because this is not new to me; again since grade school I have been doing this. Even though I have been doing this for so long I cannot consider myself expert because there is still things I need to learn about and what I need to fix. Leading towards why I took this course.

By taking this course I hope to learn and better my skills I have as a public speaker. Some of the skill I hope I can get is how to organize my information so I do not have to panic when presenting, especially with my fear of having to little or too much. And with the skills I hope to acquire in this class they will be useful for the rest of my career because public speaking is not just in the class room setting its every were from job interviews to presenting to your boss about the state of the company. So hopefully it will be a fun semester and all the presentation go smoothly.



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