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Scl 1000 - Sociological Biography Reflection

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Essay Preview: Scl 1000 - Sociological Biography Reflection

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SCL100 Final Assignment: Sociological Biography Reflection

In this assignment you will sociologically examine your own biography using concepts that we discussed throughout the semester. The first part of the paper describes your life history. Examine your position as an individual within your family, the various communities you belong to, and the society in which you live. As you write about your life, provide the socio-economic position and location you occupy (i.e. level of education, occupation) and reflect on significant moments throughout your life: immigration, marriage/divorce, life in a small/big city, culture shock, difficulties/challenges you may have encountered and how you managed to move on as well as success stories, moments you are proud of, that contributed to where you are positioned today. Who are some of the “significant others” that supported you? What/who influenced your decision to acquire post-secondary education? Do you believe that once you graduate from Seneca your social status/class would improve? Why or why not? Explain.

The second part includes your discussion of at least 5 selected concepts (from the list below) that are significant for understanding your sociological biography. Explain each concept in one paragraph using your own words. You can use the textbook and PPTs, you are not expected to use external sources. However, if you do take information from another source, you must cite according to MLA or APA.

Potential concepts for discussion: social class, status (ascribed/achieved) cultural capital, sub-culture, norms, inequality, discrimination, privilege, stereotype, race, gender, ethnicity, family, religion, cultural reproduction, education, Eurocentric curriculum, intergenerational mobility, intra-generational mobility, employment/underemployment/unemployment, meritocracy.

Reflect on the concepts you used, in what ways are these concepts important in making sense of the issues you described? To what extent would you attribute your social position today to your ascribed status/achieved status? Is it your ethnic belonging? Is it your level of education? Examine linkages or ways in which you can draw connections, similarities and/or differences between your own sociological biography and the general concepts you have discussed.

In your conclusion, summarize your “findings”, you may also reflect on the writing process of this assignment. Did it help you in any way better understand your position and social location and the roles you occupy in society? Do you find that some concepts may be problematic when applied to your own story? Why?

Instructions: write in full sentences and type your reflection.

Formatting should follow Times New Roman, size 12. Ensure that your name, student number, and course code are on the first page.




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