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Smoking Essay

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There are many reasons why people smoke. Even though it has many negative effects, people will still continue to do it. The main reasons to why people smoke are stress, living environment, and pressure.

Stress is the main reason people smoke, because they think that it is a way to escape their everyday problems. Typically everyday problems would be things such as: work, school, and family issues. Work and school can be very stressful for people. Since they know that they have to do everything right and on time in order to have the future that they want. Family matters can be even more stressful. If someone is sick, or having problems in your family that can cause you to feel high levels of stress. So when people smoke, the nicotine automatically has the affect to calm you down. Although, in the long run smoking can lead to even more stress, that affects everyone around you.

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 kids will smoke There are many reasons why people smoke. Even though it has many negative effects, people before the age of 18 because someone in their family does. So another reason people smoke is because of their living environment. As a child, being around someone that constantly smokes, leads to them to want to smoke, because that's what they are used to seeing. They also want to try to look and act like the older people that they may look up to. It seems as if parents would not want to smoke around their children, knowing that they could pick up on it one day. When kids live around people that smoke, it also makes it easier for them to get cigarettes. Even thought parents may not realize it, by them smoking, it kind of makes it seem like its okay if their kids smoke, because they don't care.

Pressure is another very big reason that people start to smoke. Teenagers are most affected by this by peer pressure. As a teenager everyone wants to fit in, and many think that they can by doing what everyone else seems to be doing. Some kids are not pressured but just simply influenced by others. If they see their friends doing it, they think that they should try it. Others just think that they will seem cool if they smoke. None of this is the case though. Giving in to pressure does not make you cool, but weak. Many teenagers also think that they can just try smoking one time, and that it will not matter, when in fact they actually become addicted.

People will always smoke no matter how dangerous it may be. There will always be many reasons why they do, including: stress, living environment, and pressure. Smoking is an extremely stupid thing to do, but people will always do whatever they want, even if it can kill them.



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