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Survey Master Business Case Study

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Essay Preview: Survey Master Business Case Study

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Survey Master was established in year 2004 by Natalie Patel and Carlos Patel, both of

them studied Statistic together at Boston University. They planned to start a business

together to offer specialized surveys to companies that did not have internal marketing

research staff. 2 years in market, the company now has ten professionals and earned $3

million revenues with $600000 income in 2006.

Survey Masters focussed in conduction survey on consumers of existing and new

products and services sold by manufacturers, distributors and consultant. They conduct

the survey in three phase process, which are ;

1. Survey Proposal and design

Survey Master identify potential Client through customer preference. The

professional travel to client location to study needs and information to perfect the

survey design

2. Data Collection

information collected through questionnaire about product and the market,

including demand, pricing, product design, distribution channels, and delivery

system. Telephone survey method are commonly used to collect data.

3. Analysis and report preparation

Data are analyzed by using variety statistical and analytical method and the final

report is prepared and presented to the client that had contracted for the survey.

Due to steady profitability in the year 2006, Carlos and Natalie instructed their accountant

Linda Evan to do a financial analysis to determine either to be more selective in taking any


or all project that they could find, where they need to decide either they are earning more

profit on small or large project for future clients selection. Linda did the financial analyst by

using cost allocation with salary cost driver and activity based costing(ABC) to forecast the

future income.

2. Calculation Analysis based on Activity Based Costing

1st step : Identify the cost pool (overhead type)

2nd step : Identify cost driver




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