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Swot Analysis of Agban Corporation

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Essay Preview: Swot Analysis of Agban Corporation

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serious doubt and hence, the management of AgbanCorporation must soon enough draw strategies to survive this tumultuous period effectively.

Application of Methodologies:

SWOT Analysis of AgbanCorporation


* Client base of the company

* Reputation of the company


* Failure to recover huge amounts of loans

* Decreasing profit margins

* Low price of company share in the market


* Diverse industrial base in the region

* Opportunity to serve the other industries besides agricultural sector

* Extend its range of services


* Danger of a takeover due to lowering share price and shareholder's loss of confidence

* Competitors trading shares at premium, whereas it is trading at just 69% of its book value

* Risk of losing market share to competitors

Formulation of Alternatives:

* AgbanCorporation could aim to survive the current situation by continuing to serve its present client base, which is the agricultural sector

* It could develop growth strategies by means of acquisition of other banking firms

* It could extend its service to other industries in the region, besides the agricultural sector by way of market development

Evaluation of Alternatives:allowing it to spread its risk too. This strategy would provide better risk control through no longer being relement this strategy

Plan of Action:

1. Informing the Stakeholders

Before carrying out any action, AgbanCorporation must inform its stakeholders of the market development strategy it aims to adopt. This could involve re-developing the mission statement of the company, addressed to its stakeholders. The company would also have to state the objectives it is trying to object by such measure. The shareholders would have to be ensured that the company is moving towards the right direction and it is the best possible option that could have been taken up.

2. Promotion

The onus would be on the marketing department of AgbanCorporation



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