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Swot Analysis on Self

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This is my previous SWOT analysis. I will add some new points in the end:



1. I have not much experience in presentations

2. I must improve my oral and written english and learn more business vocabulary.

3. Difficulty in adapting in the education system here as in my country is totally different.


1. I will improve my business skills

2. I will have master in international management in which im interested in working

3. I will have the opportunity to find a good job in London

4. I will meet many people from different countries

5. I will improve the english language

6. I will travel in other places in United Kingdom


1. No many jobs available because of the unemployment

2. No previous work experience in businesses

3. Τoo much competition in searching for a job in the management field

4. Fear that i will not take so good marks in comparison to my previous marks in undergraduate degree which were very good because i study in a different language and education system.

In conclusion, i have developd my weaknesses: I obtained more experience in presentations now and i feel more confident. By the time i adapt in the new education system. And i have learned many business words which i didnt know before. Though i still need to improve my critical skills. As for the opportunities, in this class these months i have obtained the right knowledge for businesses which will help me in my job as a manager later. Also i met people in my class from other countries and we became friends. The greatest threat is not finding a job relevant to what i have studied. My strenghts remain the same. To this i can add that i started to think more as manager.

The module so far has given an indepth knowledge on international business .What qualities to posses to become an effective international manager.


Poor time management

Difficulties facing the crowd (presentation)

Lack of knowledge in international business market.


Studying with different people with different cultures

Opportunity to learn more in this area of study


Fear of getting a job due to lack of work experience in this field

Student with in-depth in this area of



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