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Synthesis Essay on Cloning

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Essay Preview: Synthesis Essay on Cloning

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In the past decade cloning has just started becoming more talked about. The reason for this is because now the ability to clone has become more widely known and has gotten cheaper. The discussion of cloning is now not so focused on being able to clone but if it is right to clone deceased animals and when and if humans can be cloned will it be acceptable to clone them. Personally, cloning of human beings is not intelligent to me and cloning dead animals is not either, the cons of letting people decide to clone outweigh the pros.

The cons of giving people the decision to clone are numerous. People who have the means to clone themselves or deceased pets expect to have exact replicas of themselves built and would be disappointed when after the clone grows up they discover that they are not the same which would be fraud and the cloning companies could be sued for that as the American Anti-Vivisection Society tried to do (Article 4). The only way to create a clone that is exactly like the being that was cloned is to create the same exact environment, meaning that everybody that was involved in who that being was would have to be cloned as Lewis Thomas said in On Cloning a Human Being (Article 1). So what this means is that if a smart investor wanted to be cloned, anybody that was ever part of their childhood or early part of their career would have to be cloned. This would be hard enough, but everybody who was part of raising the people that are being cloned for the other person would have to be cloned also. So basically the whole world would have to be cloned for one person to be the exact same and even still somewhere something could go wrong. Also if the whole world kept needing to be cloned for one person the world wouldn't be moving forward at all. And although in movies the clone grows extremely fast in real life you would have to wait for the clone to grow to be your age before you could expect anything from spectacular from it. As for dead pets being cloned there are already many pets in humane centers that aren't being adopted so before we start just making new animals we should adopt all of the pets in those centers so they don't have to be euthanized. The cons of cloning go on and on.

There aren't many pros for cloning human beings and deceased pets. Of the very few, one of them is that if you clone embryos of babies you can do research on them and find cures of diseases as Phillip M. Boffey stated in his article "Fearing the Worst Should Anyone Produce a Cloned Baby" (Article 2). This would be good because you would have an almost unlimited number of embryos to work with so you could do a lot of research. Another pro for cloning is that although it's not ethical people can make someone that looks "amazingly like their parental cell donors" and if the parents are stunningly attractive we could a generation full of stunningly handsome and beautiful people. Another pro is that you could



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