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Technology Essay

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Technology nowadays is more advanced than it used to be in the past few centuries. People in today’s world are able to use technology easily because technological products, such as computers, smart phones, Internet and 4G data services, are common and inexpensive. Also, a huge number of companies have started to adopt new technology in their businesses in order to make them stay in business longer, grow faster and out compete their rivals.

In fact, employees are considered one of the valuable assets of a company and the key to success. If employers manage, monitor and treat their workers well, they will serve the company wholeheartedly. This will help company to stay competitive and earn a huge amount of money. Therefore, employers start using different kind of monitoring software, like Spectator 360, I Monitor EAM, Efficient Lab Work Examiner and Awareness Technologies Sonar, to manage their workers efficiently and effectively. (Robarts, 2014) According to TechRadar, these software use a combination of keyword detection and snapshot playback to monitor and capture activity on employee computers. Activities which can be tracked include number of emails sent and received, the content of emails, volume of activity, websites history, online search history, file transfers, applications used, downloads and network activity.

Moreover, with a tablet or smart phone, people are able to socialize with others easily. Employees are able to use different kinds of social applications to communicate with their colleagues, such as Facebook and Skype. Those applications provide a wide variety of services and solutions to let people keep in touch with their clients, colleagues and business partners. It also enables workers to hold a visual meeting with others even though they are out of town or country, so workers are able to finish their projects and accomplish their business goals speedily. In addition, cloud is one of the useful technological services which allows people to get important documents online. Employees can download them on their laptops, tablets or smartphones everywhere whenever they need them. They do not have to worry about losing those documents or bringing a big pile of documents while meeting important customers.

In conclusion, technology makes people in all over the world connect together, so everyone is able to communicate with his/her colleagues and business clients online easily. I think that all companies should take advantage of technology because it will help companies to achieve goals and monitor workers’ performance efficiently.


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