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Tenet Time Context - Case Study

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According to research, it was late October of 2002 when the organization has been struck at its core about various issues that has challenged the stability of the hospital. There have been allegations about the dishonest and unfair negotiations with the stakeholders', lawsuits filed against them by low-income patients and strikes organized by their staffs particularly the nurses.


The company believes that the quality that their doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians provides to their patients determines their stay in the hospital and that their performances are vital to in achieving patients satisfaction and good outcomes. Apart from that, the company is banking on about how these professionals secure a successful future in the rapidly evolving industry that they are in.


What strategies does the company need to develop in order to improve their performance and build up their reputation into becoming an organization of unquestionable integrity?


The Company seeks to implement the TARGET 100 program that aims to achieve 100% satisfaction not just from the patients but from the physicians and employees as well. The company also seeks to differentiate their hospital from its competitors into a place where it is better to practice medicine, and a place better to receive care. The company ought to offer a true customer service culture to its hospitals.


In order to achieve the objectives, the company has the need to consider the following areas:

- Costs to incur

- Services to provide

- Amount of incentives which will be given to the employees.

- Conflicts of interests

- Employees' performances

- Patient's safety

- Communication among employees



- Highly experience team

- Established company

- Offers wide range of health care services.

- Provides employees with bonuses that match their annual salary.

- Is committed to provide quality of services to its patients.

- Have series of initiatives in areas of quality care and patient safety.

- Have introduced initiatives about monitoring nursing practices, medical staff governance and other areas related to patient care.


- Poor performance of the company.

- Has less develop practices for corporate governance.

- Has a very short term strategies implementation about maximizing the revenue

- Has no definite long term plan

- Implementation of unnecessary procedures

- Has a wrong practice for cost cutting.

- Lack of interactions to patients

- Low number of physicians available in the country

- Lack of implementation and maintained quality strategies.


- Increased safety and risk awareness in healthcare

- Improved safety through implementation of higher standard strategies

- Increased market share

- Collaborative health improvement efforts THREATS:

- Lawsuits being filed against the company.

- Bad publicity

- Punitive response caused by individual protests

- High turnovers

- Misinformation to the market

- Price gouging worse that to its competitors

- Fast changes in technology

- Aggressive profit-driven corporate culture


Apart from the company's initiative to improve employees' interaction with the patients, the company could take into consideration the following alternative courses of action:

- Setting performance standards for safety

- Implement safety systems in the hospitals with defined executive responsibility

- Develop research agendas

- Evaluate and improve methods or identifying and preventing errors

- Establishment of mandatory reporting system

- The attention of the company should be focused on patient safety

- Providing incentives to the employees

- Establishment of appropriate response to problems

- Create an environment that embraces errors as opportunities for improvement rather than opportunities for blame

- Utilize resources properly

- Presentation of a strong, clear, and visible attention to safety.

- Implementation of non-punitive systems for reporting and analyzing errors within their organizations.

- Incorporation of well-understood safety principles, such as standardizing and simplifying equipment, supplies, and processes.

- Establishment of interdisciplinary team training programs for providers that integrate established methods of team training.

- Development of a vision and various form of strategies

- Anchoring new approaches to the cultures

- Improvement of the processes of training of clinical staff

- Promotion



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