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Terrorism Case - Peace & Justice

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Essay Preview: Terrorism Case - Peace & Justice

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Peace & Justice


On September 11, 2001 millions of homes around the world were filled with the horrifying news footage events that showed the destruction of the World Trade Center towers and the damage to the Pentagon. This event is said to begin the infamous "War on Terrorism." Although many speculations have been made about how this war has begun, the event that started the war is still very unclear. With that being said, the war continues to bring many complications to nations around the world.

Soon after the "War on Terrorism" began, many nations began to develop several controversial beliefs or thoughts of us. Many were concerned that various countries around the world could also use the "War on Terror" as an excuse to pursue more aggressive options or other policies that would affect the rights of citizens. For example shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, in an attempt to fight international terrorism, the government introduced new measures that threatened the human rights of their own citizens, immigrants and refugees. On the other hand, others were more concerned about bad reputation the United States was given. For instance, it didn't take long for the definition of terrorism to be blown out of proportion. Soon after the attacks took place, people would take a look at a Muslim or Islamic follower and portray them as a terrorist. As a result, other nations believed the United States to be unjust and also began to conflict on the justification of the war.

Many opinions remain on defining the "War on Terror" as either right or wrong. In my opinion, I believe the "War on Terrorism" is right due to the aspect of protection and security in our own country. Every nation needs to have some sort of defense against any type of terror. Especially because events, such as September 11th, have proven that terrorist attacks are eminent in today's era. However I also believe the "War on Terrorism" is wrong, because it is a pointless war that is being fought for other countries, while our soldier's lives are being taken. For instance, in Afghanistan and Iraq thousands of soldiers and innocent people have been killed because of our attempts to make other countries like our own.



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