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Essay Preview: Terrorism

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In 21 century the basic problem that is threatning the humankind today is the terrorism.Terrorism is the common and basic problem that is being faced by man today.People who are poor and lack money are picked up by the various terrorist groups.These terrorist groups do brain washing of these people and various attractive offers that can suit and satisfy the basic needs of their family like their family would be supplied with money whole year and so on.Therefore with such attractive offers innocent people are urged to make very dangerous and unstoppable terrorist attacks in which many people give up their lives either on spot or in some busy district hospital.In those people if a person is the only earning member of the family then his/her family suffers with poverty and children from malnutrition.The terrorists themselves die in the terrorist attack itself or any severe police encounter and leave their family alone only with a small believe that the terrorist group will pay and give support to their family but they are not sure about it.In the terrorist attack the people who lose the earning member of the family,comes on footpath and die of poverty and hunger.Recently in some terrorist attacks two or three terrorists are encountered but we can say that we have only made a harm to the tree because the roots are still growing and searching for water.In these terrorist attacks the terrorist who make the work only dies or gets trapped because the person who makes plan escapes and gets ready for the other one.But after the hard work of US government they have got a huge success and given a great blow to the terrorist world as they got success in killing the " Alkayda " chief "Osama Bin Laden".But still we have to make a long and successful journey.



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