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The Montessori Method

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The goal of the Montessori Method is to develop the child's sensory and cognitive skills, while at the same time enhancing the child's practical life skills and building his character.

This theory helps teachers realize a child's independence and enables children to gain self confidence and self esteem. This is a very important lesson a teacher can give a child, which they can carry throughout their life.

Knowing when to intervene is a skill all teachers should learn. Knowing when to leave the child to work it out themselves is a skill teachers should have.

This theory helps children develop themselves to their full potential. The success of a Montessori class relies on the philosophy and knowledge of the teacher.

A Montessori classroom expresses the culture and ideas of beauty in each of its classrooms, instead of teachers having all classrooms alike. The creation of this environment is important as the child will learn from this environment, Montessori classrooms will create for the teacher and the student a peaceful and orderly place to learn.

This theory utilises experiences and hand-on manipulation of materials different from direct instruction that is typically used in classrooms.

Montessori's visions are sensory education, manipulation of ones environment, practical skills and self discipline. These skills and this knowledge are important and will act as a tool box for the children to become contributing members of society.

The Montessori Method teaches reading via phonics and whole language, the benefits of which are presently being studied and learned today

"This theory allows a teacher to develop the whole personality of a child through motor, sensory, and intellectual activity" (Hainstock, 1997, 35)

Traditionalists would argue that because of free choice and the limited teaching with Montessori schools, children become confused to the more structured method of teaching.

They would also disapprove of the practical life exercises because they believe that without the basic knowledge that is taught to students using practical life exercises is useless.



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