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The Most Important Function of a Leader

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Essay Preview: The Most Important Function of a Leader

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Vision Statement

Bivash Shrestha

Prof. Stephanie Hoon

BUS 325 Introduction to Leadership

Kings College, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu  


The most important function of a leader is to develop a clear and compelling picture of the future and to secure commitment to that ideal. Leader must be clearly focused on a positive and future focused goal. Passion and authority come to leaders who clearly know where they are going and have dedication to succeed. When leaders have passion and authority, others and inspired to follow. The role of a leader is to chart a direction that will motivate people. Vision is necessary for effective leadership who can develop a vision for an organization. The leader must create a vision that is uplifting and inspiring to others. According to Henry David Thoreau (2004), “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

AGK Helmet Inc. is my own personal imaginary helmet manufacturing company which renovates motorbikes helmets and manufacture full face safety helmet for motorbike. AGK Helmet Inc. design, manufacture and renovate motorbikes helmets. In the present generation, motorbikes have become one of the most compulsory needed transportation machines which help an individual to travel from one place to another place in a quick time. People have day to day destination places like college, offices, etc. where motorbikes plays vital role in reaching those places. In order to ride motorbikes helmets utility is compulsory in order to be safe from accidents. So, this company manufactures helmets which is made of strong equipment or material and will keep the rider safe if accident arises while riding the motorbike. My company will also innovative new ideas in riding gears. There are a lot of helmets which are weak. For example half face helmet which is totally unsafe for riders. So, this company manufactures only full face helmets and doesn’t have the aim or objective of manufacturing half helmets where the company itself thinks it is not safe or is against half face helmets. This company sells helmet, with a very low price where any of the rider can afford it easily. This company provides full face helmet made out of strong material with reasonable or affordable price. It has two branches where the first branch manufacture new helmets and it is the main headquarter of the company. In the second branch this company collects all the old and thrown away helmets and renovates them into new ones.

The vision statement of the organization is ''Providing riders with full feared faced helmets which will provide safety or less injury for riders when accident occurs''. There are a lot of people who ride motorbikes with half face helmet and this company distributes advertisement of safe riding and also provides necessity or importance of wearing full faced helmet in the field of riding motorcycle. It also provides advertisement on safety tips of riding bike. The vision will help uplift AGK Helmet in the international market as well.



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