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The Phenomenological Study

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Essay Preview: The Phenomenological Study

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The Phenomenological Study: Importance of Implementing Canvas as E- Learning to Grade 11 STEM Students of Far Eastern University - Manila

A Research Proposal

Presented to the Faculty of

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics of

Far Eastern University High School

In Partial Fulfilment

of the Requirements for

Practical Research 1


Albolote, Kyla Raven R.

Bontogon, Evian Christopher

Dagumboy, Christian James D.

Divino, Cleo Ysabella

Jimenez, Brian Keene

Mateo, Francheska Lee

Rapirap, Chrissa Mae P

Santos, Nicole Angela

Torbeso, Harriet Sophia F.

March 2018


This study explored how the Canvas application affects the STEM students in Far Eastern University- Manila. The main objective of the study is to determine the help of the Canvas as E-learning system to fullfil the student's academic requirements. Having an application of a certain establishment can really help an individual, but can Canvas  accommodate all the needs of the students in their academic performances? Teachers tend to give activities in Canvas because of the schedule of the Grade 11 students. Students only have a certain time to answer the activity, but is this really a help for the student in order for them to manage their time?

 The study wants to determine until what extent Canvas can give and influence the academic performances of the students. A face to face interview using structured questionnaire was the method approach for the Grade 11 STEM students. This study aims to let its audience see the eyes of the researchers' dilemmas and concerns regarding Canvas as an e-learning medium for students. This study aims to let its audience see through the eyes of the researchers regarding Canvas as an e-learning medium for students. Students being new to Canvas as part of e-learning, the researchers were motivated to pursue the study to further explore if it is really productive to students' academics.


The Research Paper entitled: "The Phenomenological Study of the Convenience of Having Two or More Mobile Phones in Connection to the Academic Performance of Grade 11 STEM Students of Far Eastern University - Manila, prepared and submitted by Kyla Raven R. Albolote, Evian Christopher M. Bontogon, Christian James D. Dagumboy, Cleo Ysabella C. Divino, Brian Keene C. Jimenez, Francheska Lee B. Mateo, Chrissa Mae P. Rapirap, Nicole Angela A. Santos, and Harriet Sophia F. Torbeso, in partial fulfilment of the requirements in Practical Research 1, has been examined and is recommended for acceptance and approval for oral defense.

[pic 2]

MR. ALLAN KIRK ORTEZA                          
Practical Research 1 Teacher


First of all, We would like to thank God, for his abundant blessings and knowledge he has bestowed upon us throughout the research work until we have completed this research. I would like to thank God for guiding us in all that we did.

        Second, We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our Practical Research 1 teacher: Mr. Allan Kirk M. Orteza for his continuous support, patience, motivation, and immense knowledge that has truly helped us in pursuing this research. It has been an honor to produce this research and work under his guidance.

            Third, To our Group mates who served as an anchor to each other. Providing ideas that would strengthen the research, who chose to go beyond their capabilities in order to produce a good research. Thank you for being patient with one another.

            Fourth, To our parents who supply our needs morally, spiritually, financially and emotionally. The sacrifices they have made in order to give us quality education that will prepare me for my future. Thank you also for the love, prayer and continuous support to complete this research work.


Title Page                                                                                                       1

Abstract                                                                                                          2        

Approval Sheet                                                                                               3

Acknowledgement                                                                                          4

Table of Content                                                                                             5-6

Chapter 1        

Introduction/Background of the Study                                               7-9

        Research Questions                                                                            10

        Theoretical Framework                                                                      11-13

        Conceptual Framework                                                                      14-15

        Significance of the Study                                                                   16

        Scope and Limitations                                                                        17

Chapter 2

        Foreign Literature                                                                               18-21

        Local Literature                                                                                  22-25

Chapter 3

        Research Design                                                                                 26

Population and Sampling                                                                   27



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